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Magillem Partners with Imperas


A winning combination in delivering value to system developers

Paris, France - February 26th, 2018 - Since 2015, Magillem (, the leading provider  of  front-end  design  xml  solutions  and  best-in-class  tools  to  reduce  the  global  cost  of
complex  designs,  has  partnered  with  Imperas  (,  which  is  revolutionizing embedded  software development,  debug and  test  for multi-core  designs  via  high-performance
virtual  platforms,  high-level  software  and  system  simulation,  and  open  models.  Together, Magillem and Imperas provide a unique virtual prototyping solution set, fully based on the IEEE standards IP-XACT and SystemC. 

Imperas delivers virtual platforms (virtual prototypes) spanning ultra-fast simulation, advanced debug  solutions,  and  models  including  processors  from  Arm,  RISC-V,  MIPS,  Altera,  PowerPC, Renesas,  Synopsys  ARC,  Xilinx  and  others.  The  Open  Virtual  Platforms  (OVP) initiative,  at,  makes  these  models  available  as  open  source.  Imperas  combines  highperformance
models with powerful simulation, debug and test tooling to perform architectural analysis, early software development and more comprehensive embedded software test, analysis and optimization across many processor cores and the full spectrum of operational scenarios. 

Thanks  to  this  partnership, Magillem  offers ...

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