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Why Imperas?

Imperas develops and markets state-of-the-art virtual platforms and tools to enable the most comprehensive embedded software development, debug and test solutions available today. The Imperas team has combined advanced simulation algorithms, modeling excellence, and a broad range of tools to produce a system that offers:

  • Fastest Execution Performance: Imperas leading JIT code-morphing simulation technology allows models of processors, such as the ARM® Cortex™ A-72, to execute at a peak speed of  almost 5,000 Million Instructions per Second (MIPS), and  booting multi-core Linux in under 4 seconds, on an average desktop PC (yes, it’s not a misprint).
  • Extensive Library of Accurate Models: The Imperas OVP model library includes a full range of processors from ARM, Imagination MIPS, PowerPC, OpenCores, Renesas, Synopsys ARC, Altera Nios II, and Xilinx Microblaze. The models are fully featured, e.g. ARM’s TrustZone® and Virtualization technology are supported. Example platforms and peripherals are also available that run for example: Linux, Android, Nucleus, μC/OS, FreeRTOS, uClinux, eCos. Models operate with SystemC TLM2 and other standards.
  • Advanced Development Tools: Powerful verification, analysis and profiling tools plus a multi-core debugger use ToolMorphing™ to merge them into the simulator, to operate with minimal performance degradation or execution alteration. Tools operate from bare metal instructions to CPU- and OS-Aware abstract modes, and can be customized for platform and scenario specific operations.  This environment has been used by Imperas customers to find bugs in previously fully tested production code.

In 2008, Imperas founded Open Virtual Platforms (OVP), an industry consortium dedicated to providing open-source models and infrastructure to create virtual platform models as easily as possible. OVP provides an easy entry point into the world of virtual platforms and today boasts over 10,000 members from many leading electronics companies and academic institutions. OVP models operate with other standards, including SystemC and TLM2, while building on the Imperas simulation technology to enable high-performance, high-capability models for any environment.

Try out the OVP models and Virtual Platform technology today. It’s easy to get started! Click here: