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RISC-V Summit 2021 - DV Keynote talk: Are the RISC-V design freedoms leading to RISK in Verification quality?


Traditional SoC projects estimate that 50-80% of the cost/effort will be for verification, but that is based the traditional approach using mainstream providers with pre-verified processor IP cores. RISC-V offers more options to SoC Developers, from developing a custom core, downloading an open-source project, selecting from one of the new IP providers, plus adding custom instructions to any of these starting points.
The flexibility of RISC-V appears to imply an increase in the DV scope of work for any SoC project with a customized RISC-V core, in this talk we will introduce the Imperas Reference Model based solutions for RISC-V processor verification.

Co-Author:       Larry Lapides – Imperas Software
Co-Author:       Lee Moore – Imperas Software

The video of this presentation is available at this link.