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EDACafe article - Imperas targets RISC-V verification

With its new ImperasDV solution, the company aims at enabling all RISC-V developers to accomplish the complex task of processor IP verification more efficiently.


“The greatest migration in verification responsibility in the history of EDA,” from processor IP vendors to SoC designers: this, according to Imperas Software, is the challenge facing SoC development teams as they take advantage from RISC-V customization capabilities. One of the reasons for the success of RISC-V is undoubtedly the possibility for any SoC developer of adding some degree of customization to the basic instruction set architecture, while saving the processor compatibility with the RISC-V ecosystem of supporting tools and software. The other side of the coin, however, is a heavier verification burden on the SoC development team: as opposed to an off-the-shelf processor IP which is pre-tested by the vendor, a customized processor needs to be verified by whom performed its customization. Addressing this challenge, Imperas Software has recently launched ImperasDV, an integrated solution for RISC-V processor verification…


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