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Product Lifecycle Management For Semiconductors

The C-Suite wants the chip industry to use PLM, but are their issues different enough that a more specialized black-box approach would be better?

Semiconductor Engineering


Product lifecycle management (PLM) and the semiconductor industry have always been separate, but pressure is growing to integrate them. Automotive, IIoT, medical, and other industries see that as the only way to manage many aspects of their business, and as it stands, semiconductors are a large black box in that methodology.
The technology space is driven by a mix of top down and bottom-up processes. Bottom-up tends to be preferred in areas driven by innovation, where being fast and nimble is considered more important than being on time and on budget. Top-down processes are predominant in large systems and industrial development, and they are becoming the preferred way to control products within a company — especially when dealing with large derivative portfolios…


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