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Webinar: RISC-V Custom Instructions - Design, Development and Deployment, Feb 24 2021

Imperas and Andes are co-hosting a webinar on optimizing a RISC-V processor with custom instructions and extensions.

Andes and Imperas custom instruction flow diagram

Imperas Software Ltd., the leader in RISC-V processor verification technology, today announced a joint webinar with Andes on optimizing RISC-V cores with custom extensions for domain specific SoCs addressing the biggest opportunities in new markets such as IoT, AI, or 5G.

Webinar:RISC-V Custom Instructions - Design, Development and Deployment
Outline: This webinar will detail how implementing RISC-V custom extensions has never been easier. Starting with the outline for the design of custom instructions, which then leads into the development process to extend the core. Completing the process is the key deployment to end software developers and users.
Register now to submit your questions that you would like addressed, and attend the live event to participate with the live Q&A session with the presenters. 

When: Wednesday Feb 24th 2021 at 9am PDT and also at 6pm PDT
Register and attend at either time and also receive the link to view the recording later.
9am – San Jose, Bay Area (PDT)        6pm – San Jose, Bay Area (PDT)
11am – Austin                                       10am – Beijing
Noon – Toronto                                    11am – Seoul
5pm – London                                      11am – Tokyo
6pm – Paris                                            7:30am – Bangalore
7pm – Tel Aviv

Please register for the webinar at this link.

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