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OpenHW article: OpenHW Industrial-Grade Verification for Open-Source CORE-V IP Cores

This brief outline gives an overview of the open methodology and standards-based environment for the verification of the RISC-V based open-source CV32E40P core.

The OpenHW Group - Proven Processor IP

Open-source has two attractive aspects, typically the freedom to modify and adapt the base design offers flexibility beyond the more constrained options with commercial solutions. Secondly, the price - at least the upfront investment is just the time and effort to download and review the base features and capabilities. With the success of open-source software projects, there is increasing interest in open-source hardware and reusable IP for custom SoCs. While the IP selection and decision process has many factors, the main difference between commercial and open-source options might be simplified to a risk assessment of the quality of the deliverables. Software and hardware share some similarities as engineering projects, but a hardware project typically has a cost of manufacture, which drives the requirement for verification - this is especially true for SoC prototypes…

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