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Imperas Software, a specialist in RISC-V models and simulation solutions, is working with Synopsys to address the growing demand for RISC-V processor verification.

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This collaboration [between Synopsys and Imperas] is intended to enable mutual customers to streamline their RISC-V verification tasks using ImperasDV verification solutions and Synopsys’ VCS simulation and Verdi debug tools for…

Collecting, analyzing and utilizing data can pay big benefits for design productivity, reliability, and yield.

Semiconductor Engineering


The semiconductor ecosystem is scrambling to use data more effectively in order to increase the productivity of design teams, improve yield in the fab, and ultimately increase reliability of systems in the field.
Data collection, analysis, and utilization is at the center of all these efforts and more. Data can be collected at every…

From small embedded devices to data centers, the RISC-V ecosystem is growing rapidly.

Codasip article on Semiconductor Engineering


After an intense week at the 2022 RISC-V Summit in San Jose, California, I am fueled with energy and positive thoughts. I had plenty of time to reflect on the event, which was unique in many ways. A lot happened in a few days for us at Codasip as well as for the wider RISC-V community, and here are 5 things I will remember…

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At the RISC-V Summit in December, there were presentations halfway between a keynote and a technical session. known as RISC-V Spotlights. These were presented to the entire group of attendees but were not blessed with the keynote title. Maybe this is like the way that when a physician in Britain becomes a surgeon, they drop the title "Dr." and go back to "Mr.". A spotlight is even better than a keynote. One spotlight was by Simon Davidmann of Imperas titled…

Ensuring that your product contains the best RISC-V processor core is not an easy decision, and current tools are not up to the task.

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With an increasing number of companies interested in devices based on the RISC-V ISA, and a growing number of cores, accelerators, and infrastructure components being made available, either commercially or in open-source form, end users face an increasingly difficult challenge of ensuring they make…

As chips become more complex, existing tools and methodologies are stretched to the breaking point.

Semiconductor Engineering


Tools, methodologies and flows that have been in place since the dawn of semiconductor design are breaking down, but this time there isn’t a large pool of researchers coming up with potential solutions. The industry is on its own to formulate those ideas, and that will take a lot of cooperation between EDA…



In a recent guest editorial here on EE Times, legendary professor David Patterson wrote about busting the five myths around the RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA). At the recent RISC-V Summit organized by RISC-V International, the consortium that manages and promotes the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), its president, Calista Redmond, had a far more blunt message: RISC-V is inevitable.
In fact, she said, RISC-V will eventually have the best CPUs, the best software running on them and the best ecosystem of any microprocessor…

Open-source processor cores are beginning to show up in heterogeneous SoCs and packages.

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RISC-V cores are beginning to show up in heterogeneous SoCs and packages, shifting from one-off standalone designs toward mainstream applications where they are used for everything from accelerators and extra processing cores to security applications.
These changes are subtle but significant. They point to a growing acceptance that chips or chiplets based on an…

Every year holds a number of surprises, and change provides an opportunity to innovate and gain advantage over those who are slower to adapt.

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Change creates opportunity, but not every company is able to respond quickly enough to take advantage of those opportunities. Others may respond too quickly, before they properly understand the implications.
At the start of a typical year, optimism is in plentiful supply. Any…