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The open nature of the RISC-V means anyone can design a custom processor - moving the verification task from a few specialist suppliers to all SoC developers. This article looks at the industrial-grade verification and open methodology to support verification of an open-source CV32E40P core.


The amount of time, money and effort it takes to design a system-on-chip (SoC) means it is not surprising when engineering teams want to get it right first time. This long-held ideal…

RCR Wireless News – “Well, technically...” Podcast featuring Katherine (Kat) Hsu from Imperas Software.

RCR Wireless News – “Well, technically...” Podcast

Imperas Software's Senior Account Manager Katherine (Kat) Hsu discusses the biggest trends in the semiconductor industry, why consumers should care about AI processors and the technical challenges that open standard RISC-V helps…

Mind-boggling number of options emerge, but which is best often isn’t clear.

Semiconductor Engineering


The guideposts for designing chips are disappearing or becoming less relevant. While engineers today have many more options for customizing a design, they have little direction about what works best for specific applications or what the return on investment will be for those efforts.
For chip architects, this is proving to be an embarrassment of riches.…

Companies that invest in their employees’ education often get rewarded with more productive and happier workers.

Semiconductor Engineering


Continuous education is essential for engineers, but many companies don’t recognize the value or they are unwilling to provide the necessary resources.
This should be a line of questioning before every new hire makes the decision about where they want to work, because it not only affects their future career, but…

Demand for faster processing with increasingly diverse applications is prompting very different compute models.

Semiconductor Engineering


Data centers are undergoing a fundamental change, shifting from standard processing models to more data-centric approaches based upon customized hardware, less movement of data, and more pooling of resources.
Driven by a flood of web searches, Bitcoin mining, video streaming, data centers are in a race to provide the most…

The design freedoms of RISC-V offer developers flexibility for innovation – now processor IP verification quality is also a flexible option.

The Lost Art of Processor Verification


The RISC-V open standard ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) offers developers the opportunity to configure the features and functions of a custom processor to uniquely address their target end application needs and requirements. RISC-V has a modular structure with…

Time spent in debug is unpredictable. It consumes a large portion of the development cycle and can disrupt schedules, but good practices can minimize it.

Semiconductor Engineering


Debug often has been labeled the curse of management and schedules. It is considered unpredictable and often can happen close to the end of the development cycle, or even after – leading to frantic attempts at work-arounds. And the problem is growing…


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Automakers shifting to HPC chips for improved performance and lower system cost.

Semiconductor Engineering


Automotive architectures are evolving quickly from domain-based to zonal, leveraging the same kind of high-performance computing now found in data centers to make split-second decisions on the road.

This is the third major shift in automotive architectures in the past five years, and it’s one that centralizes processing using 7nm and 5nm technology, specialized accelerators,…

The EDA ecosystem is in the early stages of pivoting to the cloud, but not everything will move there.

Semiconductor Engineering


As EDA is moving to the cloud in fits and starts as tool vendors sort out complex financial models and tradeoffs while recognizing a potentially big new opportunity to provide unlimited processing capacity using a pay-as-you-go approach.

By all accounts, a tremendous amount of tire-kicking is happening now as EDA vendors and users delve…