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Imperas Simulation Reference Models selected by IAR Systems for Arm 64bit

Imperas proprietary simulation technology and reference models for the Arm 64bit cores now integrated within the IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm v8-A

IAR Systems Selects Imperas Models for Arm 64bit

Oxford, UK – May 26th, 2021 – Imperas Software Ltd., the leader in virtual platforms and high-performance software simulation, today announced IAR Systems, the future-proof supplier of software tools and services for embedded development, has selected the Imperas ARM model AArch64 Armv8-A as the simulator technology for the development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm. For embedded developers, the IAR Embedded Workbench with integrated Imperas simulator provides a rapid test and development environment to compile, debug and analyze code without the need for external hardware or boards. The Imperas models cover the envelope of the Arm V8-A Architecture and can be configured to represent any core or implementation.

More and more applications are being based on 64-bit cores in the embedded industry, specifically within low-power applications, deeply embedded and handheld devices. In these application areas, IAR Embedded Workbench has a strong foothold and is the toolchain of choice for many companies to reach maximum performance and energy efficiency. As embedded software becomes more complex with the migration to 64bit, the Imperas reference models offer developers the essential visibility, control, and enhanced flexibility over traditional fixed hardware-based development boards. IAR Systems used the Imperas reference model during the internal development and test for the new tools to support Arm v8 64bit, and the Imperas model is integrated for all users as part of IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm. 

“64bit is not just about the word length or address space of a processor,” said Anders Holmberg, General Manager Embedded Development Tools, IAR Systems. “The Arm v8 cores offer embedded developers a step change in performance and capability, this potential is now complemented with high performance simulation software. Software developers can migrate to the latest devices with confidence based on the IAR Systems development tools and Imperas simulator technology.”

“Embedded developers by definition develop firmware, software and applications that are tightly optimized to the underlying hardware,” said Simon Davidmann, CEO at Imperas Software Ltd. “Imperas is pleased to provide the quality reference models that enable IAR Embedded Workbench users to get the best from the latest generation of Arm v8 based devices.”


About Imperas

Imperas is revolutionizing the development of embedded software and systems and is the leading independent provider of processor models and virtual prototype solutions. Imperas, along with Open Virtual Platforms (OVP), promotes open source model availability for a spectrum of processors, IP vendors, CPU architectures, system IP and reference platform models of processors and systems ranging from simple single core bare metal platforms to full heterogeneous multi-core systems booting SMP Linux. All models are available from Imperas at and the Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) website at

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