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Software design: porting software to RISC-V using Imperas Virtual Platforms


RISC-V Summit 2021

While much of the focus and energy of the RISC-V adopters has so far gone into the development of the RISC-V architecture and specific cores, the real success of RISC-V is dependent upon the key software tasks for new applications, porting legacy software, and optimising OS/RTOS ports and drivers for the wide range of RISC-V devices being built. With more custom silicon projects starting every day, virtual platforms (often called virtual prototypes) offer a viable alternative to hardware prototypes for software engineering tasks. 
This talk will highlight how simulation and virtual platforms can be used for software development for new processors and SoCs including a demonstration with Quake running on RISC-V.

Speaker:     Katherine (Kat) Hsu – Imperas Software 
Speaker:     Manny Wright – Imperas Software 

The PDF of the slides used in this talk are available at this link

This RISC-V Summit 2021 presentation can be viewed on the RISC-V YouTube channel here.