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SemiEng: What Makes RISC-V Verification Unique?

The verification of a processor is a lot more complex than a comparably-sized ASIC, and RISC-V processors take this to another layer of complexity.

Semiconductor Engineering


Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss the verification of RISC-V processors with Pete Hardee, group director for product management at Cadence; Mike Eftimakis, vice president for strategy and ecosystem at Codasip; Simon Davidmann, founder and CEO of Imperas Software; Sven Beyer, program manager for processor verification at Siemens EDA; Kiran Vittal, senior director of alliances partner marketing at Synopsys; Dave Kelf, CEO of Breker Verification, and Hieu Tran, president and CTO of Viosoft Corporation. What follows are excerpts of that conversation.

SE: What makes the verification of RISC-V processors different from any other ASIC?…


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