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NSITEXE Inc. Denso: Vector Compliance Testing for RISC-V - Hideki Sugimoto and Koji Adachi

NSITEXE presentation on "Vector Compliance Testing for RISC-V" by NSITEXE Inc. (Denso subsidiary) by Hideki Sugimoto - CTO, and Koji Adachi - CPU Architect, with guest speaker Simon Davidmann, CEO at Imperas, at the RISC-V Global Forum during the virtual event on September 3 2020.

The first step to testing a RISC-V vector instruction implementation is to test compliance to the specification. To do this requires both compliance tests and a reference model. NSITEXE, with its Data Flow Processor (DFP) IP block, required such testing for its implementation of the vector engine. The Imperas RISC-V ISS, riscvOVPsim, is in use as the reference model for the Imperas RISC-V Vector Compliance Test Suite (CTS). Imperas has developed a Directed Compliance Test Generator, which achieves over 95% functional instruction coverage with those tests generated. Using the Vector CTS for the NSITEXE configuration has enabled confirmation of compliance with v0.8 of the RISC-V vector specification.

This paper discusses the NSITEXE DFP vector engine implementation, the generation of the Vector Compliance Tests for the NSITEXE configuration and the results of those tests including coverage data.


This RISC-V Global Forum presentation can be viewed on the YouTube channel for RISC-V here.