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Virtual platform-based simulation for testing of embedded software in continuous integration flows


At the>Feabhas Agile for Embedded Conference, Simon Davidmann of Imperas discussed the status and future of Embedded Software development using hardware prototypes and simulation.

Companies have many tools and initiatives. We have all heard of DevOps and Continuous Integration, Continuous Test and Continuous Delivery, but can these web and app focussed techniques really be applied to the embedded world?

Hardware constraints, complex tools, tricky testing requirements and the need to comply with rigorous standards all conspire to hold back progress in delivering embedded projects.

These slides were used to frame the talk and discuss approaches that can be taken to organise tools and implement processes in a human centric way. The talk showed how teams can evolve from delivering discrete projects in silos to working in an organisation that delivers consistent high quality solutions continuously.

A walkthough of a Continuous Integration Continuous Test system using embedded software for ARM, MIPS, Renesas processers controlled by a Jenkins CI system is shown as an example of the power of automation in software development. Customer examples are also discussed.