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Tradeoffs Between Edge Vs. Cloud

As localized processors become more powerful, what works best where?

Semiconductor Engineering


Increasing amounts of processing are being done on the edge, but how the balance will change between what’s computed in the cloud versus the edge remains unclear. The answer may depend as much on the value of data and other commercial reasons as on technical limitations.

The pendulum has been swinging between doing all processing in the cloud to doing increasing amounts of processing at the edge. There are good reasons for this. Processing locally reduces latency, increases reliability and security, and it helps to resolve data privacy concerns. And with increasingly powerful edge processor architectures, as well as a reduction in the resolution required for many applications, more computing at the edge is rapidly gaining traction.

But how far can this transition go? Do we really need the cloud anymore, or will that become a distributed function, following the lead of several other technologies?…


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