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Steering The Semiconductor Industry

What does it take to get a new language, tool, or methodology established in the semiconductor industry? Disruption has rarely worked.

Semiconductor Engineering


Progress in semiconductors has been one of the most successful engineering feats, and the industry has ridden an exponential curve longer than anything else in history. It is also a highly conservative industry that has pushed away many disruptive changes in favor of small incremental changes that minimize risk.

There have been significant changes over the decades, and they often required a strong voice in the industry to evangelize a new language, technique, or methodology. Unfortunately, very few people or organizations have been successful with this. The industry has done a much better job providing the necessary training and education once it has been successfully established and standardized.

There is a continuum of subjects for which training needs to be provided. They range from standard languages to disruptive methodologies. Each step requires a different approach…


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