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An Insider’s View Of Verifying Custom RISC-V Processor Cores

How RISC-V verification ecosystems support flexibility in approaching a custom processor design.

Semiconductor Engineering


This article is derived from a talk at the RISC-V Summit in December 2020 that Bill McSpadden, principal verification engineer at Seagate Technology, gave on the challenges and experiences his team faced in the verification of two custom RISC-V processor cores. While a technical presentation at a technical conference may not be completely unexpected, the unique part was the frank acknowledgment that without any hype or fanfare the team tackled some of the most challenging verification problems in the industry today—how an experienced SoC team can verify a custom RISC-V processor…


To read the full blog post by Shubhodeep Roy Choudhury (Valtrix Systems) and Lee Moore (Imperas Software) with supporting images courtesy of Bill McSpadden (Seagate Technology) on Semiconductor Engineering, click here.