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Imperas™ Releases the PowerPC® 4xx Range of High-Performance Processor Models with Integrated Software Development Environment

Open Virtual Platforms (OVP™) Fast Processor Model Supports the PowerPC 440™, PowerPC 460™, PowerPC 470™ and PowerPC 476™ Variants of the Popular Processor

OXFORD, United Kingdom, September 26, 2013 – Imperas Software, Ltd. has today released its latest OVP Fast Processor Model for the architecture. The new Imperas model of the IBM PowerPC 4xx range supports the PowerPC 440, PowerPC 460, PowerPC 470 and PowerPC 476 variants. The model is available as part of the OVP library, allowing for free access to OVP users.

The IBM PowerPC 4xx processor range is widely utilized by many companies today in a range of applications including automotive, compute servers, military and aerospace, wired and wireless communications, and home entertainment.

The new OVP Fast Processor Model uses Imperas’ high performance code morphing technology to allow software engineers to execute PowerPC development code at hundreds of million lines per second on their desktop personal computers. Incorporated within the model is Imperas’ range of advanced development tools for efficient software analysis and debug.

“The PowerPC model series represents an important addition to the expanding OVP library,” noted Simon Davidmann, CEO of Imperas Software. “A number of OVP users are deploying the processor in various applications, and the high performance OVP Fast Processor Model allows for comprehensive software verification and rapid software debug.”

The addition of the PowerPC models brings the OVP CPU library to 122 devices, including processors from ARM®, Imagination MIPS®, Power®, Renesas, Synopsys ARC, Xilinx® and OpenCores. The models, together with example platforms, are available from the OVP website, The models can be utilized within OVP based platforms, or integrated into SystemC/TLM2 based virtual platforms using the native TLM2 interface included with each processor model.

Imperas OVP Fast Processor Model Availability
The following model ranges are available from OVP: ARM7®, ARM9®, ARM10®, ARM11®, and the ARM Cortex®, Imagination MIPS Aptiv™ and Classic, OpenCores OR1, Power32® and PowerPC 4xx, Renesas M16C, R8C and V850, Synopsys ARC, Xilinx MicroBlaze™.

About Imperas (
Imperas Software was founded in 2008 to develop and deliver embedded software development systems. The company’s comprehensive product line enables the rapid creation of high-performance virtual platforms and the efficient development of embedded software utilizing those platforms. Imperas’ technology allows for software engineering schedules to be significantly reduced while improving the quality of products relying on embedded systems. In 2008 Imperas founded the Open Virtual Platform (OVP) consortium to improve the availability of open model libraries and virtual platform infrastructure. Leading communications, automotive, consumer electronics and embedded processor companies rely on Imperas for the development of their electronic products. The company’s corporate headquarters is located near Oxford, UK and it maintains support and sales organizations in Silicon Valley, California and Tokyo, Japan. For more information about Imperas, please go to

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