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Imperas Virtual Platform Solutions at the Embedded World Exhibition and Conference February 2018

See Imperas Virtual Platform Solutions at the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2018


Imperas Software will demonstrate virtual prototyping solutions for RISC-V designs and present papers on virtual platforms at the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2018, featuring technology to accelerate embedded software development and test.

Imperas will demonstrate virtual platforms solutions as part of the RISC-V Foundation booth (3A-419), please see us there!

Embedded World will also feature two papers co-authored by Imperas:

1. Cycle Approximate Timing Simulation of RISC-V Processors, by Lee Moore, Duncan Graham and Simon Davidmann, Imperas Software, and Felipe Rosa, Universidad Federal Rio Grande Sud.

  • When: February 27, 2018.
  • Abstract: Historically, architectural estimation, analysis and optimization has been done using either manual spreadsheets, hardware emulators, FPGA prototypes or cycle approximate/accurate simulators. Instruction-accurate software simulation, or virtual platforms, have the speed necessary to cover the range of system scenarios, can be available much earlier in the project, and are typically 5x less expensive than cycle approximate or cycle accurate simulators.  Previously, because of a lack of timing information, virtual platforms could not be used for timing estimation.  We report here on a technique for dynamically annotating timing information to the virtual platform results, achieving accuracy of better than +/-15%. 

2. Virtual Platform Environment for the Bring Up and Test of a Secure Many-Core RTOS (Real Time Operating System), authored by Atsushi Shinbo and Shuzo Tanaka of eSOL TRINITY, Masaki Gondo of eSOL, Duncan Graham and Larry Lapides of Imperas Software.

  • When: February 28, 2018.
  • Abstract: The increasing numbers of cores in the individual SoCs, the move to multiple SoCs in Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and the increase in complexity of software for automotive electronics has led to the need for many-core support for RTOSs.  In addition, security requirements on systems directly flow to security requirements on the RTOS.  This increasing complexity of hardware, software and security requirements, magnifies the challenge to bring up and test the RTOS and basic software. This paper reports on the use of a virtual platform (software simulation) -based environment for bring up and testing of a secure, many-core RTOS on an ECU.  The RTOS is the eMCOS RTOS from eSOL, the hardware represented in the virtual platform comprises two Renesas RH850F1H devices (SoCs), and the virtual platform tools are from Imperas. 

View the complete Embedded World program here:

When: February 27 – March 1, 2018.

Where: Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany.

For more information, or to set up meetings with Imperas at Embedded World, please email

Embedded World is the world's leading meeting place for the embedded systems community. In its 16th year, the theme reflects the unbroken innovative power of the industry: "Embedded goes autonomous." From a wide range of sensors all the way to embedded vision, systems are increasingly becoming aware of their environment, making independent decisions, and using actuators to engage with the world around them. The conference covers all aspects of the development and application of embedded systems, from basic technologies, to the development process, to special application areas. See for details.