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Imperas at Korea RISC-V Summit, September 21st 2020

Imperas certified design partner Coontec will be participating with a presentation and panel discussion on the latest developments around RISC-V in Korea

Korea RISC-V Summit 2020 - Coontec & Imperas


Imperas Software Ltd., the leader in high-performance software simulation and virtual platforms, today announced their certified design partner Coontec will be participating at the Korea RISC-V Summit 2020 with presentations and a panel discussion on the latest development and potential for RISC-V in Korea.


Presentation ‘Simulation and methodology for verification of RISC-V designs

  • Speaker:         Joon Pang – CEO of Coontec
  • Co-Author:     Larry Lapides – Imperas Software
  • When:             Monday September 21st 2020

Abstract: As Moore's Law hits its limits, one way to improve application performance is with the optimizations and customizable features of RISC-V. The new paradigm of RISC-V is spreading rapidly and the results are showing success in many application areas. However, the biggest obstacles that open source processors must overcome are ecosystem compatibility and processor design validation. In this talk, Coontec explains the efficient process and methodology for early verification and compliance within the proven design flows used for SoC’s.

  • What:              Korea RISC-V Summit 2020
  • Where:            Korea Broadcasting Center: 233, Mokdong-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • When:             Monday September 21st 2020 – 1pm to 5:30pm


Registration is available at this link.


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