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SemiEng: IP Industry Transformation

Design IP has played a pivotal role in the creation of today’s complex SoC, but that role keeps changing. Each change places new demands on IP suppliers.

Semiconductor Engineering


The design IP industry is developing an assortment of new options and licensing schemes that could affect everything from how semiconductor companies collaborate to how ICs are designed, packaged, and brought to market.
The IP market already has witnessed a sweeping shift from a “design once, use everywhere” approach, to an “architect once, customize everywhere” model, in which IP is highly configurable and customizable and the focus is on domain-specific optimization. But as chips become increasingly complex, and as new types of IP and licensing models continue to gain ground — especially on the processor side with RISC-V — more changes are coming. The big question now is which of those changes will make a lasting impact, and who will be the winners and losers as a result…


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