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Webinar on RISC-V and SoC Architecture Exploration - Quick Start demo of early design phase prototypes

Imperas presentation on "RISC-V and SoC Architecture Exploration for AI and ML Many-core Compute Arrays: Quick Start demo of early design phase prototypes" by Kevin McDermott, VP of Marketing at Imperas Software, as part of a webinar together with Andes Technology and UltraSoC Technologies on July 15 2020.

Webinar on the key hardware and software prototyping phase, including demos with example platforms to test multicore processing elements, which are the foundational building blocks of AI Inferencing or ML designs. The Imperas presentation and demonstration highlights "Virtual Platforms as early evaluation & demo boards - Early software development including debug and verification". Includes a Q&A session after the presentations and demonstrations.

This webinar can be viewed on this link. (Requires registration.)