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SemiEng: Choosing Which Tasks To Optimize In Chips

Most applications can be decomposed into a number of tasks, and there are many options to create better implementations of them.

Semiconductor Engineering


The optimization of one or more tasks is an important aspect of every SoC created, but with so many options now on the table it is often unclear which is best.
Just a few years ago, most people were happy to buy processors from the likes of Intel, AMD and Nvidia, and IP cores from Arm. Some even wanted the extensibility that came from IP cores like Tensilica and ARC. Then, in 2018, John Hennessy and David Patterson delivered the Turing Lecture titled “A New Golden Age for Computer Architecture: Domain-Specific Hardware/Software Co-Design, Enhanced Security, Open Instruction Sets, and Agile Chip Development.” While it was not the lecture that started the drive towards more optimization, it certainly elevated it to the global consciousness…


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