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Virtual Platform-Based Simulation for RISC-V Software Porting and Development


While much of the focus and energy of the RISC-V members has gone into the development of the RISC-V architecture and specific cores, the success of RISC-V is dependent upon the easy porting and bring up of legacy software, and the easy development of new software, for the various RISC-V devices being built. With most silicon still in the pipeline, virtual platforms (often called virtual prototypes) offer a viable alternative to hardware prototypes for software engineering tasks.

Larry Lapides of Imperas presented at this>6th RISC-V workshop and introduced how simulation and virtual platforms can be used for software development for new processors and SoCs. These slides were used in the talk and also include a demonstration of using Jenkins Continuous Integration and Continuous Test to automate a lot of the embedded software development methodology.