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Imperas Paper at ARM TechCon 2012 OS Porting and Analysis for Dual Core Cortex-A9 Based Systems

Abstract: Whether Linux, RTOS, or a combination, the OS and its related software are much more difficult to port, boot, and analyze in a multicore system. Using an instruction-accurate virtual platform allows use of the actual OS kernel (not a debug version), provides console messages before the console is available on hardware, and provides additional visibility into the interaction of the operating system or systems with the hardware. For example, though booting Linux on a Cortex-A9 takes hundreds of millions of instructions, it takes just hundreds of processes. When OS-aware tools enable analysis at a higher level of abstraction than just instruction tracing, the result is much more efficient bring-up of an OS. Examples of SMP and AMP systems show how virtual platforms ease OS bring-up. Presented by Simon Davidmann