Our new Aptiv Generation of cores pushes the boundaries in performance and efficiency. Having MIPS-Verified support from Imperas and OVP, a leading supplier of high-quality, fast processor core models, enables our customers to get started immediately with designs based on the Aptiv Generation cores.

OVP was selected because of the ease with which models are built and the flexibility in interfacing to other tools. The availability of the ARM processor model we needed, and the open source nature of the OVP models, were also important factors.

Imperas, with its OVP Fast Processor Models and software development tools, is addressing key issues in software development for embedded systems. We are excited to work with Imperas to ensure that high quality models are easily available to our customers worldwide, helping them to develop and test software faster and more efficiently using virtual platforms.

We have been using OVP for embedded software development and system bring up. We are also Xilinx MicroBlaze users, and are excited to be able to use these technologies together to enable us to complete our projects faster and with fewer bugs.

Japan is an exciting market for embedded software, and Imperas is addressing the most critical issue, software development. The combination of their Open Virtual Platforms, especially the OVP Fast Processor Models, and the Imperas Multicore/Multiprocessor Software Development Kit (M*SDK), with its advanced tools for embedded software verification, analysis and debug, is a great value to bring to software developers in Japan.